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Sunday, February 18, 2007

hitting my head against a wall: less painful

following a long standing tradition, valentines day, or as i like to think of it, "singles awareness day," came and went without much fuss at van nasty. last year i took myself to see brokeback mountain; at one point, i was the only person in the theater not giving or receiving a handjob.

this year's plan was bellydance class followed by the sex workers art show. unfortunately, sex workers, like sugar and witches, melt in the snow so the show was canceled. ditto with dance class. instead, hellyeah, a-lee-see-a, and i indulged the twelve year old girls we are on the inside and watched benny and june and ate chocolate and drank wine between fits of hysterical laughter. not to mention, i am now the proud owner of a snap bracelet made from a real baseball. which, for anyone keeping track, is the closest ive come to a ball (athletic or otherwise) in a very, very long time.

valentines also came and went with no word from dewey decimal, not that i had expected it (even if i secretly hoped for it a little. or a lot). i called him last night so we could engage in the most awkward conversation ever, and because he's him, and im me, things are even more confusing now than they were before. normally when someone says they theyre surprised to hear from you, its not a good thing so i have to assume thats the case here too. we talked about doing something monday but no plans were made. we agreed to check in today, but im not sure if im calling him or he's calling me.

the a.s. once called me socially awkward. doesnt even begin to cover it.



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People should read this.

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