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Sunday, April 23, 2006

what does it say about me that my first thought is to add vodka to this?

has anyone else had coca cola "blak"? am i that behind the times? im a sucker for anything new, and anything coke and i bought it having no idea what it was, except a "carbonated fusion beverage." i was expecting some fruity shit, a la dr. pepper berries and cream; i will tell you what i wasnt expecting: coke and coffee blended together. as previously mentioned (see "model diet") these are possibly my two favorite things. i am stunned that i have never thought of this before! seriously, if asked to choose between good sex and good coffee, i would have to write up a pro/con list. and, it isnt nearly as disgusting as it sounds. i cant explain why, but it tastes vaguely like cream soda, or, a colorado bulldog depending on if youre going virgin or alcoholic. my only suggestion is that they make one cigarette flavored so that i can get all three of my favorite vices in one.

apparently this summer they are releasing godiva blended coffee/coke drinks. its wrong that this excites me, isnt it?


Blogger Jo said...

I love flavored cokes. Love the diet black cherry vanilla. And I like to go to Sonic for a chocolate coke. Sadly, I have already shared this beverage with my baby, who now, at only 13 months of age, seriously smacks his lips and grins when he hears a can pop open. Sad day! Most moms are still feeding their babies boobie milk, and mine is staying up late to watch 24 with his folks, a diet coke with lime, and some movie theater butter popcorn.

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