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Sunday, May 20, 2007

nothing like cornering the market on perverts

10 most recent google searches:

10) do cats have knees
9) phrase "wound up tighter than a virgin"
8) menstral (sic) pictures [editors note: why can people searching my blog not spell the word menstrual]
7) pantyhose
6) condom knocked up
5) father daughter nasty
4) "cute-girl" rape, sweatpants, t-shirt
3) printed adult diaper
2) pelvic exam fetish
1) van myspace comments with vans in them

10 most recent blogsearches:

10) tits
9) tits
8) tits
7) tits
6) tits
5) pantyhose
4) scat
3) scat
2) best breakfast in jerusalem
1) homoerotic art

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