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Sunday, July 22, 2007

things that currently live in my purse

i like big purses. and since its silly to cart around a huge purse with only your keys, wallet and phone in it, i tend to load up. in my purse right now im dragging around:

1) a black long sleeved sweater (in case brunch was cold).
2) a black short sleeved sweater i bought in may and need to return to the mall (in case brunch ended early and i had time to go to pentagon city mall [which it didnt (which was fine!)]).
3) my blackberry
4) my house keys
5) my spare house keys (and yes i appreciate that carrying them both together is a disaster waiting to happen).
6) my wallet
7) my cell phone
8) a bottle of balsamic vinegar. yes, you read the right. a bottle of balsamic vinegar. (its for the salad i brought for dinner - which is in the fridge, not my purse).
9) fluke: or, i know why the winged whale sings by christopher moore.
10) coyote blue also by christopher moore. i finished it on the metro, so i had to bring a spare, and since im in a christopher moore phase, i have to read everything he's written. im about halfway through the list.
11) a diet coke (one can never predict when there will be a diet coke emergency).
12) a full size bag of pretzels.
13) a pound bag of peanut m&ms (see #11).



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