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Sunday, June 11, 2006

a week in quotes

"your chickpeas taste like christmas." -- r.b.

"your family thinks you're a ghetto fab gay man. which you sort of are... so that's good. they get you." -- d.n.

"hey snowflake: i got your seat right here." -- man on the x2 bus

"white pants guy: gay or european?" -- a.t. and i to pretty much everyone we met on saturday

"okay, so, the fact that you haven't responded to my last few emails leads me to suspect that you are either: a). very busy b). pissy with me c). desperate to respond but are trapped under something large. was' up, yo?" -- gvw

"and even though i know i'm in the super-duper minority, i still voted against our proposed state amendment to ban same-sex marriages. because, as we all know, homos are the biggest threat we face in the world today." -- r.g.


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