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Saturday, September 02, 2006

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im house-sitting for my friend in chinatown this weekend while she is at her "jack and jill" wedding shower. before you get all offended on my behalf ("you're good enough to house-sit for her, but NOT good enough to be invited to the shower?!?") let me say, im actually the worlds shittay-ist bridesmaid who cant make it to syracuse for the shower, so, instead im taking care of their kitty while they're away. of course, their cat, like any good cat, couldnt care less if i were there or not. but, she's finally broken me in (i know what temperature she likes her water, what her preferred wet/dry cat food ratio is, where she likes to sleep [alternately on my head or chest] and, how frequently she likes her litter cleaned) so even though she doesnt need me, she lets me crash with her anyway. which is nice of her, cause her pad is way nicer than mine. they have cable, a dishwasher AND a washer dryer. i swear, if i dont pinch myself, i think im dreaming.

last night i was supposed to go to the los amigos invisibles show, but instead, i slept on the couch and ate five guys. does life get any better? although this morning, at the dance studio, my friend j.b. took one look at me and goes "grrrl. you are a HOT mess. what did YOU do last night?" "ummmm... for once didnt drink and got a reasonable nights sleep?" which evidently isnt a good look for me.

as for the holiday weekend, i have absolutely no plans. my friend is having her birthday this weekend and is moving to iraq on monday, so, ive been told to block off sunday and monday for her, but have yet to hear anything from her. she and her husband are just getting back from their honeymoon and he leaves a day before her, so i probably wont here from her till sunday night or monday. which i guess means i have no plans this weekend? strangely, im perfectly content with that. its amazing the difference cable can make in your life. it makes everyday a mini-holiday.


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