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Thursday, May 03, 2007

more things that annoy me about you (at a concert)

so the past couple weeks have been rather show heavy: wolfmother, dismemberment plan, peter bjorn and john, sunset rubdown, hopefully konono no.1 friday, and the byt cover band salute on saturday. either i am becoming more curmudgeonly, or, people are increasingly annoying. i give a pass to the young who have not been initiated into the show etiquette but you hipsters should know better; for fuck sake youre in your thirties!

9) people who talk during the entire show, but who insist on standing next to the stage. if you dont know or care about the band, are here to see and be seen only, or just want the music to be ambient to your conversation, thats fine. stay your ass in the back, where you can loudly and freely talk without disrupting everyone else who is, and i know that this is a crazy concept, at the show for the music! some of us like seeing live music, and a major part of that is being able to both see and hear the musicians, not your conversation about which of you can "dork out more," which, by the way, is an argument i can settle by saying youre both losers.

10) encores. there was a day when the encore had meaning; when a band was so amazing that people refused to leave until they heard one last song. now, the encore is a scheduled part of the set list for every show (no matter how shite the band), where after three minutes of standing and clapping, they come back to the stage to play another twenty minutes. you arent fooling anyone by not playing your only radio hit during your set; we all know youre coming back. just play the extra five songs during your set and let the audience decide if we want more or not.

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Blogger patentexaminer said...

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Blogger patentexaminer said...

No. 10 is right on! It's like tipping at a restaurant. No matter how bad the service you AND the waitperson both know you're leaving 20%. Yup, 20, not 15. They know. Where's the romance? Where's the mystery?

10:03 PM  

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