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Thursday, May 03, 2007

probably not interesting to anyone but me but im sharing anyway

last night at the sunset rubdown show, i saw someone i know from work. they obviously thought i looked familiar but didnt recognize me without my ill-fitting polyester uniform; i waved and smiling, acknowledging that we do, indeed, know each other. however, someone else thought i was waving at him and proceeded to engage me in a very bizarre conversation. turns out, he grew up in the town near me, and showed me what turned out to be the most awesome tattoo i have ever seen. he used to work where my mom has worked for over 10 years, and apparently loved it so much, he had the logo tattooed on his arm. my mother doesnt work for a large chain or a place with a dirty and interesting name; no, my mom does leasing for a mall, and he had the mall's logo tattooed on his arm. simply. awesome.



Anonymous ah said...

HAh! That whole story is just great.

11:16 AM  

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