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Saturday, June 09, 2007

long time no blog

this week has basically kicked my ass in every way imaginable. work has been insane, and ive been working 13 hour days to try and keep on top of it. sadly, i think im still falling massively behind, but at 9:30 p.m. on any given weekday, there isnt much more that can be done about it.

thankfully, much of the insanity has passed. and even more thankfully, seven months in and i still love my job. its intense and sometimes crazy, but for the first time it feels worth it. most part, im not working for clients im working for causes, which makes the late nights, gray hairs and stress induced ulcers seem worth it. well, that and discovering a 12 pack of beer in the office fridge. thank god we have interns i can blame that shit on.

in other news, i got to meet amani toomer who is even more beautiful in person, and i now have tiki barber's home email to auction off the the highest bidder. commence with the bidding!!

really though, he is seriously pretty. his picture does NOT do him justice. le sigh.



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