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Saturday, June 17, 2006

im on to your m.o., and will be dressing appropriately

i was going to play a game of guess the asshole with this, but since its splashed all over both myspace and the wonkette, i think that might be a bit too easy.

it seems that a certain republican stategist, and frequent commentator on both CNN and MSNBC, likes his ladies young and busty.

while its not exactly news worthy that a guy likes big breasted women, it is interesting that a guy who is quoted as saying gay marriage "and American moral fabric are more FIVE TIMES more important than the War on Terror" would proposition a pair of lesbians in town for gay pride, offering them $1000 each for sex, and to pay for their hotel at the mayflower.

even that is hypocrisy as usual among politicians in d.c., but this story is special. this story is personal. it turns out that mr. burkman actually went out on a couple of dates with a friend of mine after approaching her on the street with his card and telling her how gorgeous she is. and according to her he is freaky deaky. but thats not all, on a separate occasion, he hit on another friend who was familiar with the story from friend #1. apparently, he walked by friend #2 while she was in a kinkos, doubled back, and presented her with a card, telling her how gorgeous she is. drunken texting later took place among our friends to see exactly how freaky deaky mr. family values is and even van nasty wouldnt dare post that filth!

in conclusion, i would just like to say:

a) you are a prominent and recognized figure in d.c. if you are going to be stupid enough to proposition women on the street, dont give them any tangible evidence.

b) are you the guy on craigslist who's always looking for "busty" women because if you are, ive been meaning to tell you, you'll have better luck with a less creepy word.

c) its clear (both from the wonkette story and from your taste in my friends) that you like boobie-licious women. why have we not met? sure your a lecher, but if youre as cute as you are in that picture, i can over look that. at least for one night.


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