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Saturday, September 02, 2006

god bless the t.s.a. part deux

"My question was this: are the security checks really any more effective? To find out, I decided to re-enact the classic scene from the 1974 movie This is Spinal Tap, where bassist Derek Smalls puts a foil-lined cucumber down his pants, which is picked up by the security wand. Only I decided to go one better, by putting a buzzing vibrator down my pants."

if you think smuggling a mascara, or chapstick onto the plane is ballsy, you are wrong. this is ballsy. and not just that he did it, but that he would risk going to jail to do it. there is nothing i would want on my criminal record less than this. although, something about him seems familiar...
on a somehow-but-not-clearly-defined "related note," i bought a card several months ago, with no one specific in mind, with the image of a man and woman having dinner together at a restaurant, and reads:

woman: "honey, im not wearing any underwear."
man: "i know. i put on your last clean pair this morning."

it has become increasingly obvious to me that the only person i could send this to, is me.

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