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Thursday, September 14, 2006

rainy weather makes me melancholy

if things have seemed a bit quiet from this end, it's because they are actually rather insane. everything is in overdrive and i barely have time to flout company policy and illegally use my computer for my own personal, malicious email use, let alone blogging. i even had to give up my day-time porn viewing.

the next six weeks are going to be absolute hell. i think every day is planned between now and and november. and im not complaining because its almost exclusively fun stuff: four birthdays, a wedding, a bachelorette party weekend, our u street caravan and harem dc performances at rakkasah, a visit from my dad, my niece's third birthday party, and a couple of shows thrown in for good measure, but, it is all a little overwhelming.

my schedule has never been what most people would consider normal; i work two jobs, seven days a week, volunteer on saturday mornings, and have dance class four nights a week (although i only show up to about one out of four). but, with the exception of dance classes, i sit at a desk with a computer so its not like im manning the salt mines or anything. but lately, its been wearing me down and im hoping to make some big changes. actually if things had gone as planned, i would have been leaving today for west africa with the peace corps. but, instead im here. and if im going to be staying in d.c., i want to make my time here count, and feel like im working towards something instead of just treading water. i dont have anything new to report yet, but hopefully soon.


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