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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

odds and ends

did you know i had to google the phrase "odds and ends" to confirm that the expression was indeed "odds and ends" and not "odds and ins"? i also used to think people said "make front of" instead of "make fun of." a public education at work, ladies and gentleman.

did you know that jenny lewis of jenny lewis and the watson twins, and rilo kiley, was also hannah nefler (the red headed daughter of shelley long and craig t. nelson) from troop beverly hills? a classic. thanks c.l. for the info.

did you know that to play the role of the underage "gardner" on desperate housewives one needn't be straight. or attractive. nope. turns out, all he needs is to have eyebrows that have never been tamed by a waxer.


rodrigo guirao -the argentine jesse metcalfe

is cute overload a little bit pervy today, or am i?


Blogger Hey Pretty said...

I think she was also in Foxfire, an early Angelina Jolie vehicle.

2:57 PM  

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