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Friday, September 15, 2006

to add suspense, this is coming in in bits and pieces

i was not always without cable. there was a time when i lived a life of luxury that included a walk in closet, cable tv, and a dishwasher. sadly, those times are gone. but, it was during those golden years when a little thing called project runway started, and despite my deep and unrelenting hatred of all things "reality t.v." i fell deeply, madly, truly, in love.

and though i now follow the show solely through tim's take and fourfour (all praise, rich!), today is the day many of us have been waiting for: project runway at fashion week.



for now, these are apparenlty all the pictures youre getting. either my computer is feeling a little overworked and needs a break, or its biased toward michael, and with the exception of giving you a taste of uli's collection, its not allowing any other designers on van nasty.

that said, i like what ive seen of the collections. mind you, i know shit about fashion, buy clothes from target, and am basing this on a few pictures from wireimage (thanks for the steal bitches).

i think, as always, michael's is outstanding. its fun, contemporary and young. i think these designs are as relevant to miami as they are to the hamptons. his collection reminds me of not-your-mothers-resort wear. however, there wasnt a lot of mature, adult im-a-business-woman wear. and i dont go to the hamptons, or miami.

i also liked what i saw of uli's and loved most a tan dress that looked like buttery leather. i want to roll around naked on that dress. most of all, i liked the outfits that didnt look like typical uli caftans - or paris hilton party dresses.

laura's collection, is, as you would expect, the opposite of everyone elses. adult, mature, sophisticated and simplistic despite its use of feathers. while its not at all my style, i think i pull for laura because she doesnt have design experience, nor is she currently in the field. and she is possibly my favorite pregnant lady ever, to wit: "i dont think anybody's really ready for their sixth child, but, five, six, seven, it doesnt make that big of a difference. i'll just throw it on the pile with the others." greatest. quote. ever.

while i like jeffrey's collection, i think i liked it the least. im guessing, for no reason in particular, that his is the decoy. though there were a few stand-outs (like his ode-to-uli-dress which is lovely) there were also a few misses, including a dress that looks like a very short muu-muu (it could just be the picture). i like his youthful, punk rock take on fashion, but i think it has a limited appeal, and, it seemed a little heatherette for me (but again, im just talking out of my ass here).

actually, dammit, the more i think about it, the more i like jeffrey's and less i like laura's and uli's. awwww no, hell no. damn. im gonna have to simmer on this.

i will post more pictures if my computer will have it.


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