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Sunday, November 19, 2006

i resist new technology

okay, thats not really true. im just cheap. virtually everything i own is a handy-me-down; i dont have a home phone, or a computer; my t.v. is the same one i got for christmas in 1992 and is approximately 8 inches (which is a respectable number when measuring some things, just not a t.v.); and, i dont have cable (mostly because i would end up staying awake till 3 a.m. watching elimidate and the fifth wheel). so, for all of the aforementioned reasons, i also dont have netflix; why would i? i am a) too cheap for it, and b) who has time to sit around and watch movies all day?

apparently i do. my friends gave me six months of netflix as a belated birthday/holy shit youre unemployed present; i practically have bedsores from sitting on the couch. its utterly pathetic. my biggest complaint is that i need MORE movies! three at a time just doesnt cut it when i insist on watching all three in one sitting (ive always had a problem with portions control). and since i dont have cable and am behind on all my pop-culture t.v. shows, ive been able to netflix lost, grey's anatomy, weeds, big love, project runway, entourage and, in my more private, shameful moments: the golden girls, and the girls next door. i should probably be more embarrassed by that than i really am.

and speaking of abusing technology, im newly obsessed with my blackberry. but not for the normal reason... no, im addicted to playing brickbreaker. i dont think this is what my office had in mind.

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