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Sunday, October 29, 2006

hello again!

for me, an unfortunate side effect of having no job is also having no internet hence the lack of updates. although things have been pretty uninteresting to tell the truth. i spent several days cleaning my apartment until i got sick of the mess that "cleaning" creates, and just shoved everything back in a closet. ive been to the archives and the hirshorn with c.l. and have spent some q.t. with dewey going to dinner and movies. friday we were going to go to the arboretum but it was cold and rainy and i was sick, so we sat around tryst for a while pretending like we were going to do something before i made him take me home so i could eat popcorn and watch netflix. that and sleeping in until noon today seem to have done the trick because im feeling much better this afternoon. last night i met up with friends at a party after work, but again called it an early night and was tucked in bed by 1:30.


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