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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

going on right now

3) im shopping on line at mignon faget and am extremely excited to see that she has released a new jewelry collection called "ironwork." seriously. when did i become the type of person who gets excited about jewelry collections?!? i dont even wear jewelry, save my nose ring, and somehow i dont think that counts. (would it give me any street cred to say im trying to design a new tattoo and i want it to look like iron work [inspired by the ironwork in new orleans] and am hoping to steal from this?).

2) speaking of becoming someone you dont even recognize, i got up this morning at 6 a.m. so i could start some laundry in the scary, basement dwelling laundry room of my apartment building, while i was at the gym. who am i? did i grow up and become and adult when i wasnt looking?

1) like a lot of other things, i become obsessive-compulsive about songs. i get one stuck in my head that i cant get out, and the only way to purge it, is to listen to it on repeat until i get so sick of it, i never want to hear it again. at this moment that song is "this modern love" and is being brought to you by bloc party. something about the last line "throw your arms around me" simultaneously breaks my heart and gives me hope. jesus. i cant even pick a good lyric to obsess over! (however, after reading the lyrics, i realize he is not actually saying "you told me you wanted to eat up my sandwich" which actually makes more sense that "eat up my sadness" even if it isnt as interesting).


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