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Thursday, September 28, 2006

sunset rubdown is a band. not a massage with a happy ending.

last night had all the makings of a shiteous night. months ago my friend, the a.s.s., demanded that i buy us tickets to see sunset rubdown at the black cat; literally months ago! in july i bought 5 tickets; one for me, four for him.

fast forward to friday when he tells me that he cant come to the show. now i have five tickets to see a band im 99% unfamiliar with. but, i love live music, and the a.s.s. has the best taste in music of almost anyone i know, so i still planned on going to the show, but now have to round up 4 other people to take the tickets off my hands so im not that girl standing awkwardly on the side by herself. i hate that girl.

thankfully it came together with minimal fuss. m.h., an awesome girl i dont see nearly enough of, was already planning to go so she took a ticket off my hands, and a friend of the a.s.s.'s, b.n. (one of the original 4 ticket holders), came with his friends r.n. leaving me with one ticket to sell at the door, which took about 2 minutes. apparently looking pathetic and telling people you got screwed over by a friend pulls at peoples heart-strings. yey for sympathetic people!

m.h. and i were feeling the need for some liquid libation, so we saddled up to the bar while we waited for the boys (seriously, why are boys always late? you dont have to put on makeup, or coordinate shoes and purses. b.n. shaves his head, so i dont think he was doing his hair...). a friend of m.h.'s ordered my drink for me; normally at places like this you get handed a drink in a rocks glass thats so weak it couldnt get a mormon drunk, but apparently the right person ordered our drinks because i was handed a pint glass of gin. thats not even a double, thats like a quadruple.

we made our way upstairs and proceeded to have a fantastic time. not only does the a.s.s. have great taste in music, but, he has great taste in friends. i adore b.n. and have decided that co-opting him as a friend is at the top of my list of things to do. right after taking over the world. and, the band was fantastic. my entire knowledge of the band was that it started as a solo project for spencer krug from wolf parade (another a.s.s. introduction who ive become mildly obsessed with), that became a band complete with an accordion and a xylophone. they far surpassed my expectations; i had a fantastic time and left with their new album. yey for randomly fun, drunken nights.


Anonymous ah said...

hey, what's the extra "s" for?

6:56 PM  
Blogger Van Nasty said...

um, nothing actually. when i like him he is the a.s. when i dont like him, then he's the a.s.s.

10:02 PM  

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