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Sunday, September 24, 2006

im not complaining. im whining. there's a difference

lately, i feel like ive become a spectator in my own life; as though things are going so fast that instead of experiencing them, im simply observing them in the passenger seat as they pass me by. i cant say its because my life is so fascinating (because its not) or that its because im doing important things (because unfortunately, im not); im just your basic over-committed people pleaser with too little time and an inability to say no. i have no idea how people with actual responsibilities (like, say, children) get things done when i can barely manage to take care of me and keep a.h.'s plant alive at the same time (p.s. it seems to have some sort of weed growing in the pot with it, either that or its managed to give birth!).

fortunately, most of the things that are keeping me busy are fun things - weddings, dance classes, concerts, bachelorette parties, performances - so again, its not like im complaining, but it will be nice to have the time and option to sit around and do nothing.


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