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Thursday, September 21, 2006

im not lovin' it

dear fellow patron:

i know that sometimes menus can be complex and overwhelming, and that it can take a while to decide what you want; or that the way something appears on the menu isnt exactly how you want it, making a special order necessary. but, this is mcdonalds. and you're ordering off the dollar breakfast menu.

first you maniacally paced the length of the counter in the middle of ordering like a an adult adhd suffer in the midst of a coke binge, then after paying you asked to change your order. but not only did you change your order, you practically interrogated the guy behind the counter about what was in it, how it was made, and if they would be able to get your special order correct. again, let me point out to you: this is mcdonalds and you are ordering off the dollar menu. this is hardly a financial investment, so, if its not good, well, you can still afford to go to cosi for lunch. and, if youre that concerned about whats in your food and how its prepared, maybe you shouldnt be ordering a steak and egg mcgriddle. just a thought. im not sure if you've heard, but, word on the street is mcdonalds isnt so healthy.

and, finally, you are at mcdonalds! the beauty of mcdonalds is that their product is pretty much the same where ever you go. so if you like the steak and egg mcgriddle where you're from (which the unbuttoned to the chest shirt, gold necklace and spiky hair tell me is probably new jersey), you'll like them here in d.c. as well.

van nasty

p.s. i was in getting my new addiction - sweet tea. christ, i loves me some sweet tea.


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