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Sunday, September 17, 2006

"highway run. into the midnight sun."

as previously mentioned, i have a rental car for the day, which proves if nothing else, there are still trusting and naive people in the world.

for those who dont know me personally, between the ages of 16 - 24, i had four cars. three of them were acura integras. one of them i crashed in a spectacular accident which involved me skidding upside-down across four lanes of highway directly in front of several big rigs, and landing in the woods, suspended above the highway by my seat-belt, forcing me to climb out of the passenger window. my sun roof had been open at the time, and i was wearing more of the road and woods than i was clothes (i lost my glasses, one shoe, had twigs in my hair, dirt blacking out my teeth and filling my ears, and i tore my shirt and pants to bloody shreds. which was a shame because its really hard to find a good black tee shirt - y'know, one thats stretchy where it needs to be, and never fades or pills. but i digress..). one of the things that saved me (if not my life, than certainly my face) was a huge book of c.d's that had been sitting on the passenger seat. when i flipped upside down, the book wedged itself between the windshield and the steering column so that when the glass splintered and broke, it kept it in place protecting my face and eyes. when the trucks behind me pulled over, they said they had expected to need the jaws of life to get me out of my car, and the last thing they thought they would see was me, standing along side my totaled, accordioned car, comfortably numb, and completely in shock.

that, was my almost-last car. my penultimate car. my last car (same year, make and model; different color) was stolen out of the parking lot at my apartment building in silver spring. for once, a car "accident" that was not my fault.

i am therefore shocked that there are any companies brave enough to rent me cars (or friends trusting enough to let me drive theirs!). i would expect, and understand, having a huge waving red flag on my license. actually, its been long enough that i have a completely clean driving record, which is really only because i havent had a car in three years. frightening, isnt it?

anyway the point of this rather meandering post was to say that i am old, which i realized when all the hip hop songs on the radio sounded exactly the same (although that could just be because they're all produced by pharell or timbaland), and i found myself singing along with journey's "faithfully" very enthusiastically. and my plans for the car tonight? a trip to the 24 hour harris teeter. it doesnt get any more suburban than that.


Anonymous kate said...

i love you more now than ever before...

you sing journey.

7:38 AM  

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