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Sunday, September 24, 2006

lights out

as previously mentioned, there was a tragic lipstick lossage this weekend when i was en route to a show saturday night at dc9. actually its the second of two things i lost this weekend (assuming we arent including a little bit of my dignity which would make it three). the former item i left at someone's house in a move that's bound to be interpreted as the i-want-to-see-you-again-leave-behind when really, im just a moron (not that i dont want to see him again, but i wouldnt [intentionally] resort to something so seventh grade).

overall the weekend was great. i got to reconnect with several friends (by email, phone and in person) who i havent spoken with in ages. a good friend of mine recently moved back to d.c. with her husband and i got to spend friday night with them celebrating his 30th birthday. their new house is a proper home with funky art, nice furniture, a landscaped backyard, matching dishes and fantastic appliances, which is the antithesis of my life right now. my favorite moment was when l.l. dropped the birthday pie (still in its protective costco wrapping) on the floor, and we picked it up and decided to save the plates and bowls and eat the ice cream out of the container and the pie out of the tin, double dipping frequently and with reckless abandon. i loved that moment not because it was particularly zany but because it confirmed that even when your friends get married, have kids, buy homes and cars, and get jobs with important titles, secretaries and offices with a view, they're still the same people you knew who lived in group houses where someone was always crashing on the couch (usually in some state of undress), cooked with hot plates, killed their goldfish, and crashed parties with you where you ended up getting home with a bottle of everclear in your purse that you dont remember stealing. and who love you despite your tendency to write long, redunkulous run-on sentences.

things and situations may change, but your friends dont have to.

saturday i saw the hard tomorrows and two if by sea play dc9. the show was great though i think i would have enjoyed it more had i not been falling down tired. unfortunately, due to my work sched, i missed half the hard tomorrows set and the bar was so crowded i had to watch the first five minutes from the stairwell. bad for me, good for them.


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