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Sunday, October 22, 2006

i am happy to report, i have not been mauled by dingos

i am, i assure you all, alive and well. as previously stated, big changes were a foot, which have led to a change in address for van nasty world head quarters as well as a few weeks of vacay time for me (otherwise known as unemployment). fortunately, the changes are all for the good, and im thrilled about my new job... but it doesnt start for a few weeks, so i have three weeks of me time. i had hoped to go somewhere exciting (argentina, brazil, chile, costa rica) during my holiday, but im still working my weekend job, which makes travel a bit inconvenient. so, im looking at three weeks, or 15 days, of nothing to do for the first time in i dont know how long. i am possibly the only person alive who could stress out over three weeks of vacation. ive already made list upon list of what i need to do and when; part of the reason working 82000 jobs works for me, is that i dont know how to handle "down time." i thrive on schedules and routine (sexy, huh?). in other words, i am no good at doing nothing. it always sounds like something i would enjoy, but 20 minutes into watching t.v. on a relaxing night in, im already mentally balancing my checkbook, planning my meals for the week and making an accompanying grocery list. so, you can appreciate how three weeks of living alone, in my own head with no computer or cable to distract me from the nagging voices telling me to buy my mom her birthday present, clean my house, do laundry and for god sakes pick up your socks!, could be stressful to me. i plan to take up afternoon drinking to drown out the voices.


Blogger Steezy said...

If you think it will be that bad you are welcome to come and do my job for three weeks, and I'll take the time off. I'm so jealous you whore.

3:53 PM  

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