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Sunday, October 22, 2006

i would feel better if i knew it was at least a good song

my last memory of the night was dancing in the rain in the middle of the street to "the most awesome song evah!," which of course i dont remember, with three guys who jumped in my cab on my way home from a bar, on a thursday, at 3 a.m. i was four blocks from my house when the cabbie pulled over to let them in; i remember one of them spoke to the cab driver in arabic, and i must have been nodding at the right points because he was suddenly under the impression that i too speak arabic. i think its possible that i agreed to be his wife in exchange for three goats, and a camel, but i cant be sure. anyway, the four of us jumped out of the cab, and began to dance around the street like maniacs ; there was much group hugging, and one guy kissed me on the forehead before telling me he loved me. i think he thought he was coming home with me; he was sweet, and possibly cute, but i usually like to at least know a guys first name before i invite him up for a sleep over. not to mention, i may or may not be single, but thats another issue all together.

i was blessed with what i call the "delayed hang over- hang over" which means i feel fine when i wake up, but the prognosis becomes worse and worse as the day wears on. much of yesterday was spent keeled over my desk, suffering from dehydration and what felt like a vat of acid in my stomach. i didnt think i had had too much to drink the night before, because i only had one glass of wine. well, technically two; one red, one white. it wasnt until this morning i realized that i hadnt had one of each, but had been drinking from those magical self-refilling glasses that happen when your friend is the bartender. i spent the first part of the day not wanting to eat anything, even breathing was making me feel sick, and the second part trying to consume everything within arms reach of my mouth. but no amount of food made me feel better; it didnt even digest. it just dissolved once it hit my stomach.

slowly throughout the day, bits and pieces of my night came back to me. i remember a 5 hour birthday dinner celebration where the wine(s) in question were consumed; i remember getting to the metro and deciding against my own better judgment to go to the black cat for the supersystem show even though i could barely keep my eyes open; and, i remember late night snacks at ben's chili bowl. because what you need to wash down a five hour meal is chili fries and a chocolate shake. so far, unemployment has been good to me. the night before, also known as my last day at work, was celebrated with a martini happy hour and dancing around like an idiot at cosmo's where my friend DJs. dancing around like an idiot and embarrassing myself became a theme at some point in my life, though im not sure when. probably when i took to pickling myself from the inside.


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