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Sunday, October 22, 2006

im a human mr. magoo

nothing in my life is ever simple, or easy. even the things that should be. im the kind of person who could get lost walking from my couch to the bathroom. this morning i broke a glass bottle of bubble bath in my bathroom, which i didnt have time to clean since i was running late (for a brunch that got cancelled once i got there). my bathroom is small, and the glass got everywhere, including my toilet seat which i discovered the hard way. try finding a non-creepy way of asking to your neighbor to pull a sliver of glass out of your ass. it cant be done. im sure she's making flyers with my face on them right now; one more for the collection i suppose.

in other "it could only happen to me" news, my friends bought me a very generous gift subscription to netflix so i will have something to do during my "work hiatus." i clicked on the link, pasted in the code, and just like someone else was credited with my gift-subscription! you see, when i followed the link, it automatically logged in to the account of the last person who was on the computer. thankfully, she's a friend, and we've already contacted netflix who can correct the problem tomorrow (hopefully). things like this "could" happen to anyone, but they dont, do they? they only happen to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To keep you entertained on your hiatus, I have but 3 words: Tim Gunn Bobblehead


1:57 PM  
Blogger Bedazzler said...

tres hilaire. Thank your lucky stars it wasn't the whole bottle your neighbour had to pull out. You know how people are always "accidentally falling" on something and getting it stuck in their arse? You got off light.

2:33 AM  

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