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Friday, November 24, 2006

my favorite (holiday) things

my mom packed my bags and gave me a one way guilt trip to her house for the holidays. she had to work today so ive been sitting around in my jammies watching t.v. and eating leftovers. god i love thanksgiving.

top five things about the holidays:

5) mint m&ms. i seriously wait all year for them and then buy out every store i can find.

4) wash f.m. and their 24 hour christmas music from (before) thanksgiving until christmas. im sure i should be ashamed of this, but its just not christmas until my mom has tortured my sister and i with "christmas in washington" and barbra streisand singing "jingle bells."

3) white christmas, my favorite holiday movie that no one will watch with me.

2) my three and a half year old niece singing christmas songs in her teeny, tiny baby voice and getting excited about her "christmas jammies."

1) gingerbread lattes. so delicious. so lacking in any nutritional value.


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