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Friday, November 24, 2006

normally, i like 'em cute and drrrty

unless im doing the "drunk-girl-stumbling-home-in-high-heels" walk of shame, 4 o'clock is a time i firmly believe only comes once a day. unfortunately, my moms cat doesnt seem to agree. i know this because im currently squatting on the couch in the basement. proving that life does in fact go on without you, my childhood bedroom has been turned into a "zen room." my stuffed animals are displaced, i no longer have a bed, and i now sleep in the same room where the kitteh's litter box is. the cat and i decided to curl up and call it a night around midnight, our bellies full of thanksgiving goodness; one of us however, decided she needed to get up at 4:18 a.m. to have her ears scratched. and visit the litter box. then, climb back into bed with me. finding kitteh litter on my pillow is the primary reason i am not a pet person.


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