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Sunday, December 10, 2006

i actually had a great weekend, which i will tell you about when i no longer feel like killing people.

hurrah for brides in human cup-cake dresses.

i love the overall effect of this picture. i love the headless/q-tip/mannequin feel that can partly be attributed to bad lighting, and partly to my finger blocking the lens.

that is all for now.

(im redunkulously crabby and in a completely shiteous mood for no apparent reason [other than the tangible proof that im not knocked up] and just lost a document ive been working on for two days. and have noticed an uncomfortable deja vu pattern in my love life: i dont hear from the boy i want to hear from. i focus all my telekinetic energies on making him call and instead some other boy who i dont like re-emerges. telekenesis is not something to be fooled with kiddies. maybe i'll meet a hot, dirty tattooed boy in l.a. le sigh. one can hope... although, despite all my bitching, i went to a fabu brunch this morning and got to eat awesome food with yummy girls, drool over hot boys [there was a lovely boy at brunch who i wanted to take into the corner and smurf until my thighs turned blue], cuddle an infant, and pet a dog. so, not all bad. the baby was so soft and cuddly. i was tempted to skin him and make myself a coat. well, more like a pair of gloves.)


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