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Sunday, February 18, 2007

class of '97

last week i got my high school reunion letter in the mail. i mentioned that to someone at headquarters and, bless his heart, he said "you're already at your five year reunion?!" to which i have to ask, do people really have those?!?

i dont have any strong feelings on the reunion front. honestly, it doesnt get my panties wet, but i have no reason not to go either. at least not that i can think of right now. maybe between now and july i can come up with something. i went to school with many of the same people for 10 years, and while there are some people i would love to see, i also have no desire to have the same awkward "oh... uh-huh. and what do you do now?" conversation over and over again, for hours on end like my own private groundhogs day.

high school fucked me up no more than any other fat girl who doesnt have a prom date, stayed home friday nights doing extra credit work, and was really, really into student government. i think its safe to say my sister (who was definitely the cool one) is still shocked when she finds out that i have a life, and go out at night to things like "concerts" and places like "bars". so, yeah, i was a loser, but, i was mostly a happy loser. sure, i never felt like i fit in, but, its high school; everyone is at their physically most awkward and emotionally least competent. besides, fitting in is overrated. when i went away to college i realized everyone who isnt a sociopath or a megalomaniac feels that way one on the inside.


Blogger art the loser said...

My 20th is this June and the only reason I'm going, even though I was terribly beloved by nearly everyone, students and teachers and janitors alike, is so I can tell everyone I had cancer and ask for donations which I'll put towards, instead of a cure, a new sofa for my living room.

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