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Sunday, February 18, 2007

random, irrational fear #141

"i suddenly realized that unless some thing changed soon i was going to live a life where my major relationship was with a bottle of wine and i'd finally die fat and alone and be found three weeks later, half-eaten by wild dogs. or i was about to turn into glenn close in 'fatal attraction'."

i realize that quoting bridget jones is only slightly less cliche than quoting sex in the city, but, the above quote has never felt more true.

when i was living alone in syracuse during grad school, gvw and i came to the mutual realization that we were both living alone, far from our families in towns were we knew few people, and had no real connections. we were also living in dry, cold weather climates where, should we have died, our bodies would have mummified and no one would have found us for a very long time. possibly this long.


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