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Saturday, June 09, 2007

and in other news...

last week our dance company, u street caravan, had a photo shoot... at 11 p.m. on a friday night as though i have no social life whatsoever (which may be true, but do you need to rub it in?).

as a general state of being, i am anti-photo. after having seen these particular photos, i feel completely justified. some of the pictures are gorgeous, however, none that i am in. if i were smarter, or had paid attention during logic classes, i would find a way to prove that my being in a photo and it being flattering are mutual exclusive events.

let me also say, that saying you have a "photo shoot" is far more glamorous than actually having one. cramming 14 people in a small studio with more lights than people is rarely a pleasant experience. add to that the anxiety of being half-naked and the fact that it's 1 a.m., and virtually no one, save maybe anne rice, is going to be at their best.

i spent a good 40 minutes that night posing exactly like this:

seriously though, from the princess di eyes (head tilted down, eyes looking up), to the amy winehouse egyptian eyeliner, the pup has it down. it could teach master classes in giving good face.

post photo shoot jojo and i rode the metro home together. that's right, the metro. in full drag-queenesque makeup (ridiculous fake eyelashes and blow job red lipstick included) on a friday night at 2:30 a.m. we, and by we and i mean i, looked like a tranny hooker. crossing the street from chinatown to the metro, i half expected eddie murphy to pull over and offer me a ride. i have never been so thankful to get home in my life.

though i did pull $60 between chinatown and van ness, but thats just between you and me.



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