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Monday, December 25, 2006

ho ho ho!

yes, its 11:30 on christmas day, and im blogging. christmas day is always a little awkward in my opinion. like so many other things, i prefer the build up to the actual event. to me, the anticipation is most of the fun. after the presents are unwrapped, i sit there, tired, grumpy and needing coffee, and not really sure what to do with myself. unlike my three year old niece, i cant amuse myself with the millions of barbies i got, and a girl can only watch 24 hours of a christmas story so many times before she no longer cares about ralphie not being able to put his arms down. so here i sit, after having already logged onto myspace (yep. im a loser. though, in my defense, today is a friends birthday [more on her to come] and i wanted to send her birthday wishes).

however, it must be said, i had a fantastic christmas even before christmas. my sister took control of the shopping for my dad this year which resulted in a lovely kenneth cole bag for work, and some perfume. im not sure what has lead to his sudden generosity, but i dont plan to question it. he has apparently realized we are no longer 7, and that we're girls and therefore like things like make-up and purses. i shit you not, three years ago the man gave me bonny bell makeup and not in an ironic way.

my other parents, d.n.b. and s.b. also gave me a fantastic gift, though not specifically a christmas present:

they went to thailand for their honeymoon, and since they couldnt smuggle me out a little thai boy, they brought me back a tote bag from "cabbages and condoms" featuring a little condom man, because apparently when my friends think of me, they think of little men made out of condoms.

and finally, a.t. is treating me to a mani-pedi at a spa in exchange for taking care of her furballs which i can hardly wait for! my friends are too good to me!!


Blogger Gr8 N VA said...

Lucky you, I never got a gift from Dad. I think you should give me one of yours- stupid whore.

8:18 AM  

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