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Friday, December 15, 2006

la wrap up

Its 6am I'm sitting at dulles waiting for the metro bus which means it'll be two hours before I'm home. I wish I'd had more time to explore la, pick up a hottie tattoed musician, or at least visit an in'n'out (aside: the mini bar at the standard had a box of condoms that said "slip it on. Slide it in." I thought about expensing a few boxes but thought that might have sent the wrong message).

Jb and I saw kareem abdul jabar (and no I don't know how to spell that) at the airport and I earned cool points by a) pointing him out, and b) actually knowing who he was (lucky guess. I could have just as easily said "isn't that magic johnson?").

I also just heard that britney spears was in out hotel, which means paris was in our hotel, which means I narrowly avoided contracting herpes or the clap. Or it britney's case, barely managed not to get pregnant by k-fed. I'm guessing his swimmers are strong enough that I could have gotten knocked up just by sitting in a chair next to britney (though if I'm going to have k-fed's baby, I'd like to do it the old fashioned way).

As for luke danes (I refuse to call him by his given name) I was with the boys at the time and I was trying not to seem like a starfucker and totally kirk out. Jb says I nearly wet my panties (which I did just in a different way) but I think I checked myself considering what I really wanted to do was take him in the corner and smurf him till he couldn't smurf anymore.

In conclusion, I will miss the weather, the scenery, and the vanilla citrus cucumber martinis which are less disgusting than they sound. I can't to much about the weather or the scenery but I bet mike at ellas could recreate the martini.


Anonymous ah said...

you know, Kareem and I share the same birthday. But for some reason I'm not a noteworthy airport spotting. At least I don't think I am...

3:35 PM  

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