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Saturday, December 23, 2006

mama got a brand new bag

dear residents of the c'dub:

please disregard the past year of my hateful stares, eyerolling and general annoyance at your continued existence and inability to master your fuse boxes. im not yet prepared to forgive you for the vomit in the elevator, or the time that guy took a dump in the hallway, but i can now look back with fondness at the guy who spent the night on the couch drunk, passed out, and, oh thats right, NAKED (poor thing had a touch of the irish curse).

you have my christmas bonus, and the tano bag i bought with it, to thank for that.


van nasty

p.s. on a tangentially related note, let me say how awesome it is to be young and single. i feel no moral duty to do something responsible with my money, and have no obligation to clothe or feed anyone but myself. though i may do something charitable, like buy britney spears some undies, just because its the holidays.


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