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Saturday, January 20, 2007

"I'd do it if I could, I hope you understand."

the other day during an afternoon of inebriation while celebrating mlk by lifting a glass, my friend made the most brilliant observation: much like dating isnt what it used to be (assuming it ever was what it "used" to be), communication also isnt what it used to be. within the realms of "hanging out" as the kids call it these days, text messages are the "coffee" of dating; emails are the "drinks," and the phone call is the equivalent of "dinner."

my question is (since im not-so-secretly a 13 year old girl): where does myspace fit in? say for example, someone leaves a comment on your myspace page, assuming they arent a random, that has to be the equivalent of a text message, right? now, being more specific, what about a comment on your myspace picture page? i ran that by the quorum, and they seemed to think that was actually worse than a comment or a text. i have to disagree. for those of you who are actual adults, and arent addicted to the crack that is myspace, to leave a picture message, someone has to actually click on your profile, then click to see more pictures and then leave a comment. comments are public so anyone who views your pictures can read them. another friend suggested that it was the equivalent of holding hands, which i rather liked, because who doesnt remember when jordan catalano takes angela chase's hand in the hallway?

my life, however, has never been much like a t.v. show; mine's more like a movie.


Blogger Pagan Marbury said...

...text messages are the "coffee" of dating; emails are the "drinks," and the phone call is the equivalent of "dinner."...

That's brilliant. Great post.

5:51 PM  

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