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Thursday, January 18, 2007

black flag? minor threat? haagen daz at wisconsin and o street?

the playpen and i decided to venture over to naan and beyond for lunch. on our way back, while passing the national geographic building, who do we see but henry FRICKIN rollins?! as we walk by, i did my best to establish eye contact, smile, and let him know that i would like to pull him into a dark corner and make-out. i definitely got eye contact and a returned nod of acknowledgement, but i think the "hello silver fox! i love you and broke a toe moshing to the henry rollins band at hfstival when i was 13 , and would like to now fulfill my life long dream of getting to know you biblically" was lost in the message.

to rub salt into the wound, the playpen had no idea who henry rollins was. or minor threat. or black flag. what are they teaching kids these days?!

back at the playpen, j.b. says he saw henry rollins too, but only knew him as the "old dude in black flexing his muscles in a tee shirt."

for those keeping track, this is the second time ive been with work folks and seen a celebrity that only i recognize, and apparently who only i have had dirty thoughts about. thank god for the deputy. i ran immediately to her office where we giggled like the 13 year olds we are on the inside. god i love her.


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