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Sunday, January 07, 2007

google search

these are the last 10 google searches that led people to van nasty:

10. pink taco
9. vans nasty
8. list of homicides in DC in 2006
7. vans nasty
6. tarot card daily
5. end of the world countdown clock AND Donnie Darko (not and, no! AND!)
4. ucla cheerleaders without undies (seriously? people use that word?)
3. nasty birthday wishes
2. hot bitches on escalator
1. did dorm mothers spank in all girl Catholic colleges (i love that this is in the form of a question)

im a little sad to see that neither "spanky pants" nor "being pale" have topped the list. strangely, those are huge ratings generators for me. i am, however, pleased to be the link between sex, violence, the occult and skater shoes.


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