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Monday, December 25, 2006

urban family

ive always been the sort to have friends who didnt necessarily know or hang out with each other. in college this always worked well for me cause im non-committal and like being able to have options (in high school i was a huge loser who mostly stayed in and did extra credit homework on the weekends). living in syracuse was my first real taste of what it was like to have a set group of people that i expected to see if not everyday, then certainly every weekend. somehow, we all ended up in d.c. which took the pressure off having to make new friends, or meet new people. however, in the past couple years most of these gals have moved (or gotten married); and while i still have awesome friends who i absolutely love, i dont see most of them as much as i would like.

suddenly, without realizing it, i seem to have made a new little clique of girls who i see and or talk to almost every day. it occurred to both wilson and i simultaneously when we realized we'd spent the past week of friday, saturday, and the occasional sundays, drinking, dancing and laughing with the same girls.

i present the smurfettes:

um, i swear, despite the fact that they look like they're all leaning away from me, they are indeed my friends.


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