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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

ella's: bringing drunk girls together

the place: ellas
the people: l.l.g., her husband a.g., jess, and me
the coincidence: picture it: ella's, a thursday night, a pitcher of sangria. l.l.g. walks (or more accurately, stumbles) to the bar to order another martini, and who does she run into? her friend jess, who she hasn't seen in three years.
the conversation:
jess:"oh my god! the last time i saw you was at pharmacy bar, like three years ago! what's new?"
l.l.g.: "well i moved to chicago, and just moved back to d.c. and remember that guy i hooked up with that night at pharmacy bar? he's right over there. we're married now."
the moral: sometimes drunken hook-ups last more than just one night.


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