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Saturday, April 21, 2007

"plan b"

last night, j.k. and i went to the justin jones and the driving rain show at the continuing my recent trend of seeing singer-song writers yummy enough to eat (after reading his press clips, i realized he doesnt just bare a striking resemblance to the cute boy who served me a drink at 930 club on wednesday, but in fact is the cute boy who served me a gin and tonic on wednesday).

we arrived to the show late and were fed misinformation leading us to believe that we had actually missed j.j.a.t.d.r.; thankfully that wasnt the case. this was confirmed by a guy sitting at the bar who asked us if the band current band was up, and if j.j. had started yet; turns out, he was the drummer.

after the show while trying to decide where to move our party of two to, we settled in at the bar for one drink. there were exactly two empty seats at the bar, but they werent together. we asked the man in the middle to move so we could sit together, and he graciously did. he moved back forming a triangle with him in the middle. not really what we had in mind, however, after boyfriend started buying us shots of jameson, it stopped mattering.

the bartender, who ive met before with dewey, was fun, friendly and took great care of us. at one point he sat with j.k. and i and said "the bars closing, and im gonna say some rude shit to clear this place out. none of it applies to you two. you stay as long as you would like." and we did. i rolled home sometime north of 4 a.m.

ive recently realized that while i love to drink, and i love alcohol, i really, really dont like being drunk. and even more embarrassing, i heart fruity, girly drinks. i like drinks that taste good and fresh with interesting flavors like pineapple basil, cucumber vanilla or lemon rosemary martinis. i know this is going to sound crazy, but, i actually want to enjoy what im drinking, and want it to taste good. i celebrated this big girl realization by doing five shots of jameson washed down by pink shooters that tasted like tequila, and rail gin and tonics.

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