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Friday, April 20, 2007

a break from the constant bitching

occasionally something happens that pierces even my cynical, shriveled heart. yesterday i attended a congressional oversight hearing where two sitting supreme court justices testified before congress, a virtually unheard of event. true to form (in high school i was voted "most likely to be a politician"), i was there an hour early. while the topic itself was mundane, i had expected that other people like me would attend just to sit in the same room as two supreme court justices. turns out, i was wrong. apparently thats not how other people define a "good time." not only was i the first person in line, but i was one of 20 people in the audience. there were actually more members of congress in the room than there were press or peanuts.

later last night i had to attend a fancy-pants dinner for work; i called d.n.b. to see if i could shower at her place (something i failed to do in the morning...). somewhere along the way the absurdity of thinking it was okay to attend a congressional hearing smelling like the dumpster behind the 930 club, but not sitting in a room with people i would never see again - nor if i could help it interact with in any way - dawned on me and i skipped the shower.

one thing was fully realized last night: profession line holders are my type. d.n.b. had suggested this may be the case years ago, but until yesterday i couldnt provide any confirmation. when i shared this with c.s. (my sister from another mother) she said "yeah, but arent they unwashed?" to which i had to respond "why should i hold them to a higher standard than i hold myself?"


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