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Sunday, April 08, 2007

"dear little baby Jesus, who's sittin' in his crib watchin the baby einstein videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors"

its been a great week, though, nothing has really gone as planned.

tuesday i had planned on hh with the a.s. but was (shockingly!) blown off. instead, i went to hh with l.f. and then met j.h. for dinner. 2 people + $2 beer + $1 sushi = $60 bill. its a skill really.

wednesday i was planning on meeting a friend for happy hour while killing time before going to the blood brothers show at the black cat; unfortunately, the happy hour and corresponding dinner-of-greasy-food-because-maybe-we-can-trick-our-stomachs-into-thinking-we-ate-first-and-drank-second was a little too successful and i never made it to the black cat. if last week was the week of solo show going (the hard tomorrows/army of me, ted leo), this week was the week of no-show show going. i did however trek out to the 930 club to buy a ticket to the peter bjorn and john show only to find that the box office closed at 11 pm. since it was 10:58 when i arrived and it had long since closed shop, there is no telling what time it actually closed.

friday night after the baltimore or best friend debate was settled, a.m.m.h., her husband and i went out for dinner and drinks. at heritage, we were sat at a corner table and promptly forgotten about. it took 20 minutes for them to take our drink order; a clear sign that they had no idea who they were dealing with. after dinner we drank our way through dupont circle, starting at the russia house and ending at townhouse. all night, a.m.m.h kept saying "isnt that guy your friend paul?" she thought our indian waiter was paul. she thought the guy at the parking valet was paul. she thought the guy walking across 17th street wearing cut-off demin shorts and a leather-daddy vest was paul. and her first words when we walked into townhouse? "hey, isnt that your friend paul?" only this time, it actually was. paul, a.m.m.h. and i went to college together, and paul lived on my freshman floor. i havent seen him in years, but, once upon a time, he and i and a lot of the guys on my floor had all been close. he was holding court with several other guys we went to college with, and it was like being 18 again, walking into fat harry's on a friday night, knowing all my friends would eventually converge there. the last words i heard as we stumbled out of the bar and into the street, were paul shouting "i love you." who needs girl talk when you have boys like that in your life?

last night i missed another show (benjy ferree, the cassettes and the aquarium) and spent another night watching arrested development on my couch.

this morning, i celebrated the resurrection of baby jesus by drinking champagne and bloody mary's first thing in the morning, and coveting l.y.'s fabulous grown-up apartment. after d.n.b. dropped me off at work, i called my mom to discover that she was in the middle of preparing easter dinner for the family. i guess they didnt invite me because they didnt want me to feel bad that i had to work? or, they just didnt invite me. charming.

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