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Sunday, April 01, 2007

coincidence? i think not.

while googling velveeta,* i came across an amazon wish-list belonging to someone with his name. naturally, i clicked to see if it was his. the wish-list contained exactly one item: a book called "99 ways to tell a story," which illustrates the same one page comic 99 different ways. a book which probably only one person in america owns. and that person is dewey decimal; he showed it to me a week ago while we sat at ellas drinking beer and sharing cigarettes (none for me since i quit. and sharing doesnt count - i dont care what you say!) the day before i left for austin. while it turned out not to be my velveeta's list, it did turn out to belong to a man with the same name from austin texas.

* i know i should probably be more ashamed of having googled velveeta, but lets be honest, we all do it. if i know your first and last name, ive probably googled you. if weve ever gone on a date, ive definitely googled you. hell, what is myspace, facebook or friendster if not google for the ones-we-loved-who-got-away(or in my case, turned out to be gay); the ones-whose-last-name-we-doodled-on-our-trapper-keeper-in-6th-grade; the-ones-we-mildly-obsess-over-but-cant-tell-because-theyve-already-dated-our-friends; the-ones-who-emotionally-scarred-us-by-head-fucking (but never actually fucking)-us; and that-guy-from-craigslist-just-to-make-sure-he-isnt-really-in-prison?



Blogger art the loser said...

In case you've forgotten, my last name is Nichols.

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