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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

snowflake this

when i was an intern at that national organization for women, everyone had to take their turn working at the now store where we sold t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers and the bitter, man-bashing attitude was free with purchase. i had heard stories about "the mad masturbator" who would come into the store, whip off his pants and pleasure himself right there in the store in front of whomever happened to be working at the time.

i did not expect to witness it first hand, however, as is my luck, i did. he came into the store and the woman who i was assisting quitely said, "oh shit," stepped to the back and called the police leaving me alone with the mad masturbator.

when the police arrived they hauled him out in handcuffs assisting him to walk, since, y'know, his pants were still around his ankles. we stood outside and the cop couldnt help but laugh as he called it in and said where he was. if i recall correctly, his quote was "this guy had no idea where he was walking into!"

but lets be honest. he did know, and he did it on purpose. maybe he wanted to humiliate the evil feminist lesbians in the store, or, maybe he likes humiliating himself in front of a captive and disgusted audience. everyday we face people who catcall, who call us snowflake (which lets face it is actually kind of cute, and downright charming compared to ignorant white bitch), who think that being a single female walking alone down the street, waiting for a bus, sitting at the bar, or dancing at a show is an invitation to talk to us, or touch us, or offer commentary on our outfits or our bodies. or, in the case of the homeless man who approached me at sparky's, offer to sell your hair or your body (it was unclear which he had a buyer in mind for).

well, hollabackdc, and let these fools know that men can be dicks, and women can have balls.

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Blogger art the loser said...

So men aren't allowed to talk to women unless they have prior permission? What if said women didn't mop the floor the way you wanted them to?

11:25 AM  

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