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Monday, March 19, 2007

impeach this bush

because this is d.c., every television in our office was tuned to cspan on friday watching the valerie plame hearing. though, our offices are always tuned to cspan. ive appeared in the crowd on cpsan twice, and both times my phone was flooded with calls from friends who had seen me on t.v. i wonder what its like to live somewhere where seeing a senator at starbucks doesnt qualify as a celebrity sighting.

anyway, i didnt think to blog about the 20 minute conversation my coworkers and i had debating what kind of tranny the pink shirt "impeach bush" woman in the back of the crowd was, but im glad michael k did. god lord i love dlisted.



Blogger Alicia said...

Obveeeously it's his CIA undercover outfit. The CIA has to know somehow how the hearing went, what better way than to send one of your own. There are a couple of times s/he looks like s/he's about to get the holy ghost?? RAD!

6:11 PM  

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