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Friday, March 16, 2007

most disturbing mother daughter email string ever

me: good news! rehearsal got cancelled. i can stay home another night and rest up!

mom: that is good. how are you feeling now?

me: not great but better. i think another night of sleep and drugs will do wonders for me.

mom: you need to take it easy!

me: um, i meant my prescription drugs, not like heroin or anything. i'll wait till I feel better to dip into that.

mom: and call me when you dip into that because you will be sharing!!!!!!!!

clearly, she's not well, however, i think this explains a lot about me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL - My childhood Mom image is shattered ;) Tell her I said Hi btw! Hope you're feeling better. So sad, considering tomorrow's one of the holiest nights of the year...And by "holy" I mean "drunken."

3:24 PM  

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