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Sunday, March 11, 2007

late for the rabbit hole

this week has been long and arduous, and working seven days a week means one week never ends, it just merges with the next.

on wednesday i got word that the dance company had arranged for rehearsal from 6:30 -9pm, drastically cutting into my happy hour time. not only that, but this is apparently our new rehearsal time. great. everyone hates having friday nights free, right?!

after rehearsal yil dropped me off at the hirshhorn for the after hours event. the hirshhorn museum is my favorite place in dc for several reasons. a) its quiet which is exactly how a museum is supposed to be, not like the native american museum which is seizure inducing (but with a great cafeteria, or so i hear). b) its round, and somehow womb like. i cant explain it, it just is. c) my father brought me there once when i was about 15 and they were exhibiting homoerotic art. any place capable of making father that uncomfortable, is a special place indeed.

the event features a bar and a dj, and make your own lite brite art. the entire museum is open to explore which i find ironic: give the people booze then let them run wild among priceless pieces of art. strangely, i feel like i ran into everyone i knew at the event, which for a brief moment made me think i may not be the booze hound i really am. then i realized i spent the entire night next to the dj drinking white wine, so i may as well have been at a bar. though i did spend an uncomfortably long time in the elephant room; ive seen the exhibit before (douglas gordon, play dead real time) and i found it as creepy now as i found it then.

i had invited dewey, and he had said he would go though he didnt seem too thrilled about it. naturally, i never heard from him, and none of my calls were answered. ive never met someone who so persistently believes ignoring something will make it go away. granted, with people that probably works most of the time, but unfortunately for the poor boy, im persistent too.

strangely, though not there, dewey pervaded the night. or, at least my night. my friend, mr. fine greeted me by asking if ive heard of this band, "defeated by burrito*"?, because, omg he met the lead singer recently at the gym and they like totally bonded, and omg they, like have a show coming up at the black cat andweshouldtotallygo! yes, i have heard of the band. its dewey's band, though dewey would never be caught dead in the sauna of a gym. so, yeah i know about the show.

then, in a strange coincidence, i ran into said lead singer.

fast forward an hour, and a few glasses of wine later, and i see a cute girl dancing around to the dj and think "man. she looks familiar. why does she look so familiar? hmmm. i think im staring. oh shit! she totally sees me staring at her, in like, the creepy way. crap. crap. crap. thats dewey's roommate, pepper. fuuuuuck."

so yeah. im never cool. never, ever, ever. i went over and reintroduced myself to pepper who is not only dewey's roommate but his bff. i met her once, and im sure made a wonderful impression when i had to leave abruptly in the middle of a movie to go home and vomit. in my defense, it was new years day. when he introduced me she greeted me like this "ohhhhhhhh. YOURE van nasty..." which could either be taken as very good, or very, very bad.

i left the party around midnight and was home in my jammies watching the golden girls and eating pomegranate and chocolate chip ice cream by 12:30 am. the other half of the pint was finished off last night after work. despite a mini party for the baby blog involving a night at the palace of wonder, i opted to continue getting reacquainted with my couch and stay in.

* um, no. that is not really the name of their band.



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