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Saturday, March 10, 2007

nyc: yeah you know me

earlier this week i spent a day in nyc for work; proving that i am not, and probably never will be, an adult, i opted to stay at the hotel chelsea instead of any of the more opulent hotels in the neighborhood. when the options are a) the w hotel, or b) the place where sid stabbed nancy, the answer is obvious. or at least it was to me. not to mention the hotel is across the street from a restaurant called "burgers and cupcakes" a bar called "trailer park lounge;" nice to know that heaven is exactly as i'd pictured it.

i followed my dinner meeting up with drinks at a wine bar with friends, and came back to the hotel around midnight. when i walked in they stopped me to ask where i was going and actually made me produce my key to prove i was a guest. do prostitutes normally wear floor length trench-coats? oh... never mind.

however, after discovering abc carpet and home, i realized a hotel was unnecessary and that i should have instead stowed away on one of the beds upstairs. abc has exactly the feel i would love for my home to have: lush with smells and texture and vibrant color that manages to blend and create a warm and inviting atmosphere, where it could instead come off as garish and overwhelming. although it wouldnt be much of an interior decorating store if it couldnt pull that one off, would it? and dont even get me started on the chocolate bar. purrr.... in one store, i got a message from the deepak chopra salon (and omg were my chakra's out of whack), a mimosa flavored truffle, and got to chat up a sick hot security man in a suit worth more than everything i own combined.

however, if there is a lesson to be learned here, it would be this: do NOT get an ayurvedic message 40 minutes prior to the biggest meeting of your life. turns out, they use a lot of oil. like, a lot, a lot. and its not just oil. its scented oil; scented like patchouli and calcutta. so, as you can imagine, i was very popular at the dinner party.



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