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Sunday, March 04, 2007

with the exception of death, the following things do not annoy me

in spite of the below bitching, its actually been a great - if hectic - week. a.h. was in town from seattle which meant there was brunch, trivia, irish pubs (though no "alice? alice! who the fuck is alice?!?"), ridiculous amounts of giggling and the potential for a threesome at asylum.

last week ended with putting the family cat to sleep, who, at 16, we had had since i was 11 years old. she was sweet and good natured and will be missed by the entire family including my three year old niece who refers to grandma's house as "kitty's house!" i marked the occasion by drinking myself comatose and passing out on my friends couch completely dressed which included sleeping in my shoes, pantyhose, coat and necklace. because i went directly from her house to brunch with a.h. and then to work, i wore those pantyhose for 48 hours straight until they officially melded into my flesh. i wont even tell you what it took to get them off, but, it wasnt pretty and it involved butter.

sunday j.k. and i went to brunch the embodiment of a walk of shame: 4 inches and counting of freshly fallen snow, and she and i are out in skirts and our four inch, peep toed snow pumps.

tuesday a.h. and i met l.l.g. and friends to celebrate her 30th birthday. i walk into the red and black to discover l.l.g. sitting in a chair, getting her hair wet down with a spray bottle for a $12 hair cut, served with a shot. though i had my doubts, it turned out to be one of the best hair cuts ive seen on her; john took the time to not only give her a great cut, but to blow it out and flat iron it. i encourage one and all to check out the red and black on tuesday nights for a $12 hair cut and some witty banter with the faux gays who will call you sweetheart in a way that you will find neither creepy nor condescending.

tuesday was topped off with a great show: the dreggs and call me lightning (my new favorite band). at the end of the night, i drove a friend and his band equipment home and even though i knew i was sober, the mile and a half the cop followed me and pulled in behind me at a.h.'s hotel before flashing his lights and sounding his siren, were the scariest five minutes of my life. in the end, he pulled out around me and speed away; i dont know why he followed me into the hotel, nor do i care.

i spent friday with my old roommate celebrating both her birthday and her (surprise!)engagement. congratulations! i look forward to getting drunk and making out with the best man at your wedding.

another interesting development as been the reemergence of the dewey decimal. he tried to escape me but i kept drawing him back through sheer will and determination. once ive latched on to someone its pretty much impossible to escape or avoid me short of entering the witness protection program; just ask the a.s. the double d and i spent some quality time this weekend together eating salvadorian food and drinking coffee in malcolm x park. while at no point did he ever come within a foot of me, i still consider it an achievement. in fact, after being down graded to "the light switch," hes back to his rightful nickname of "dewey decimal." thanks to his sudden ability to return phone calls, he's even been reinstated in my phone.

the weekend ended much like it began: friends, bars, dancing and booze. this time though, we were celebrating a happy occasion: cee-lao's birthday and new job. also, unlike last week, i was sober sistering it last night.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK so no Alice, but did you get a Unicorn song in there at least???

10:24 AM  
Anonymous ah said...

hah, the faux gays. what a tease!

12:14 PM  

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