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Saturday, March 10, 2007

and now, the rest of the story

lest you think a day goes by where i dont publicly humiliate myself in front of a crowd of people, allow me to share with you a story; picture it: penn station, nyc, a girl in town for a 24 hours. weighed down by her luggage, luggage sized purse, and super-double-big-gulp coffee, she runs across the station desperate to catch her train to dc. outside the streets were beautiful and luminous with fresh fallen snow; inside, however, the floor was neither; it was just wet. the girl, wearing weather inappropriate shoes (as always), weighed down by 50 lbs of unnecessary belongings, hits a puddle, and bitch. goes. down. and not in a subtle, or graceful way. no. she went down in slow motion, yelping and arms flapping. sigh. she was helped up by six of new yorks finest, one of whom offered to call an ambulance.

she would like it to be noted that while both her pride and her knees were hurt, nary a drop of coffee was injured in the making of this embarrassing moment.

thank god ive been well trained.



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